Sunday, 6 March 2011

Teaching with technology: from the Study Day on 5 March 11

Many thanks to Carole, Jon, Ian, Gary and Simon for their brilliant contributions to this half-plenary session! I promised to post the links and/or sources...

Carole's offering was based on Moodle; the system itself is free, but of course Castle's implementation of it and content based on it is protected, so I can't pass it on.

Jon's work is based on using the under-used interactive potential of PowerPoint (tm, blah) but we can't guarantee that the macros will work just as downloaded.

He recommended as a general resource,but go here and you will find his own material.

For the music-- is a good starting point.

And go to to create word maps of any body of text.

Incidentally, Jon is leaving the Royal Navy at the end of the year and is hoping to take his skills to a college or university environment. To contact him with any queries, translate jongarthwaite510 (at) into a valid email address.

Ian's use of clickers in numeracy work with prisoners is set out here:

Gary's short but intensive presentation on the range of collaborative tools available, the support from expert communities, and ways in which well-established web tools such as Twitter can be harnessed for educational purposes:

...and Simon brought it all together showing how free tools can be enlisted to create a DIY VLE;
Just in case the link to the demo does not work directly, it is here;

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